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At 360 GSP we want to offer the best experience for our students and ensure they achieve their goals. For this reason, we aim to provide a supportive atmosphere for the development of knowledge, our instructors really have decades of collective experience, a passion for working with students, and for making tuition exciting, and transformative. We believe that when students have the opportunity to train with a hands-on curriculum and prepare to certify in the IT field, they become more deeply engaged in both their education and their career path.


Checking LinkedIn updates and the latest Blog posts is a very important aspect of your learning. That is why 360 GSP has scoured the web for the top 50 most influential IT bloggers, according to the volume of articles they have written, and their popularity within the industry.  So, after studying in our facilities and practising in our lab room, you can keep learning at home. Here is the full list:

Arnold Kim is the founder of the popular website Mac Rumors, famous for for delivering insightful analysis on all things Apple. AIf you passionate about iOS this is your must-read site.

This blog covers the latest developments in malware, computer espionage, botnets, and hardware hacking. Dan Goodin is the IT Security Editor and writes detailed security information and advice across technical and procedural areas.

Dean is VentureBeat lead writer and covers different areas, including security and video games. He is known as an expert on the gaming industry, with a focus on Xbox.

On this platform, you can find Sarah Perez’s pieces. She is one of the best IT blogger due to her previous experience in this avenue across a number of industries, including banking, retail and software.

Todd Bishop is the co-founder of GeekWire, an interesting blog covering a wide range of disciplines including Apple, Microsoft and the Web.

Chris is a highly self-motivated IT professional enthusiastic with technology that surrounds him. He studied at 360 GSP and has a proven track record of overcoming complex technical problems and exceeding customers’ expectations. A good team player that will endeavour to provide guidance and assistance and his blog reflects his abilities.


Richard Bejtlich is a guru in cyberthreats and data protection, due his background in military intelligence. He also offers countless insights into digital security, thanks to his experience as chief security officer at FireEye.

In his blog, Dirk Riehle covers different topics such as computer science, software system architecture and design. He also teaches open-source software at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Martin McKeay spent the last decade, blogging about industry issues, and he often posts clips of his interviews with global experts. He is a security advocate and travels across Europe, attending conferences and talking to IT security and privacy stakeholders.

James Kendrick writes about Windows Mobile, Android and iOS every week. His works are quite beneficial for his readers because he also spends time testing out the latest mobile tech, apps and accessories.

Tom Hollingsworth is an experienced blogger with a backgroun in enterprise and education. He offers to his audience opinions on industry trends and networking news.

John Herbert’s blog is the perfect place for people interested in networking protocols, technologies, vendors and architectures. Quite attractive also his opinion articles and reviews of networking solutions.

Dan Stolts writes mostly about systems management, technology strategy and security. He works as chief technology strategist for Microsoft and provides tips for using Azure and other solutions.

Troy Hunt is active in software development and always knows the latest updates about security needs. He is famous for blogging about ways to break software so that it can be rebuilt better and more securely.

Joel York writes about practical go-to-market business strategies for executives involved in Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. He has a long experience in this avenue – his first work dates back more than 20 years ago.



W. David Stephenson one of the most expert blogger about the Internet of Things. His blog hits a variety of subjects, including the technology’s applications, challenges, regulatory outlook, evaluation criteria, privacy and security issues.

Keith Mayer is a technical evangelist for Microsoft and offers pieces of advice and tips for Microsoft Azure cloud experts. Mayer’s blog is without any doubt a the best arena for Microsoft passionates.

Pearl Zhu is the main blogger behind this blog and she is a published author, IT thought leader and former analyst at HP. The main aims of this blog are fostering a positive culture, mastering innovation management and acting as a business strategist.

Ben Rockwood’s background is about system administration. He funded is blog almost two decades ago and now focuses on DevOps topics and Lean IT.

In his ordinary life, Sean Hull is a consultant, but he devotes a lot of time in distilling ideas of industry experts and offers his perspective on top technology brands, solutions and news.

Matt Simmons’ blog is the perfect place for people who are looking for tips and insights on networking, security, storage and more.

Chris Wahl is a networking guru with years and years of experience. He shares his insights about IT in his blog, Wahl Network.


Jeff Richardson is a lawyer and Apple fan. Since 2008 he has been writing about iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, legal technology news and all sorts of device, app and accessory reviews.

Jeffrey Taylor is a lawyer, as well. However, he prefers Android and in his blog writes product reviews, app recommendations, tech tips, and a bit of commentary on technology within the legal industry.

Robert X. Cringely divulges experts’ insights on his blog and offers his own ideas on some of the most important names in technology.

Mikail Tunç writes about systems administration and his blog is a great resource for practical and how-to sysadmin content.

Anoop Nair is a Microsoft MVP. On his blog he helps other IT professionals who are looking to get started with SCCM or to up their game.

Mick Pletcher is an experienced IT professional who writes a blog in which he offers technical advice to fellow SCCM administrators.

Peter Kretzman mainly focuses on general topics, such as aligning business and IT, choosing metrics and managing employees.

This blog is the perfect place for IT pros, willing to learn the most important script secrets.

One of the best blogs for sysadmins, looking for new and useful tips. One of the top writers is Peter Tsai, former SysAdmin & Engineer.

Neville Hobson blogs about technology, digital communication and social media. His aim to help companies stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.


Tommy Patterson is one of the the cloud’s gurus. He aims to help IT pros make the most of their virtualized and cloud environments.

If we talk about cloud, we must mention Yung Chou. He is an excellent and reliable expert on cloud and IT infrastructure. His blog his appreciated also for its palatable writing style.

Jennelle Crothers’ Tech Bunny is a combination of tech anecdotes with technical tips and advice.

On his blog, Adam Bertram offers useful how-to content and advice on implementing IT automation in order to obtain great results.

This blog is defintely a hub for networking expert. Among his readers, there are a lot of IPv6 pros.

This blog is the perfect place to learn. It is really useful because is full of self-taught materials and online.

Brian Lewis is a Microsoft IT evangelist, ready to share his expertise on a number of IT subjects, answering the questions that IT pros are asking.

Brian Krebs is an IT security expert, willing to explain the biggest security dilemmas of our era.  If you have curiosity of some a hack or a data breach, he will dig up to keep you informed.

This blog tells the adventures of software quality-assurance engineer Thomas Maher Jr. and offers QA best practices and insights for firms involved in software development.


This blog gives a realistic perspective on new products, developments and technologies in the IT world.

Bill Detwiler is the Head Technology Editor of TechRepublic and in his blog provides honest insights about the latest IT products.

This blog provides you with valuable insights for IT leadership, including new big data skills and the advantages of process automation. Steve Range is one of the top writers – he works also for ZDNet and CBSi.

Aamir Lakhani diagnoses IT problems, discusses them and, like an “IT doctor”, prescribes effective solutions. The blog often covers topics such as data breach, personnel security and open source software.

Amy Cutmore’ Girl About Tech provides interesting recommendations on essential technology and gadgets for the home.

This blog covers mainly security news and issues following an informative approach. A great way to catch things you might otherwise have missed.

Lenny Zeltser’s blog focuses on malware and security. The perfect way to receive weekly summary of the best security reads.

Dan Kaminsky’s blog shows his ability to explain IT matters clearly and his coverage of networking vulnerabilities is very useful in understanding issues and implications.

This blog explores all things storage within the HP universe. Calvin Zito provides tips, product release and multimedia podcasts for all storage passionate.

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