Why AWS?

AWS certifications are the cream of the cloud crop, known for their thoroughness, rigour and consistency. AWS-certified professionals are in huge demand and short supply, so certifying in AWS makes you incredibly valuable for employers.


AWS certifications help you grow an exciting, rewarding and very lucrative career in one of the fastest growing and most cutting-edge areas of IT.

Associate Level Courses

The three accelerate to associate level courses build the foundation of individual as AWS professional, starting from the basics with AWS Overview to the advanced Architect module. These certifications mark you as an experienced AWS Architect specialist who can design, build and troubleshoot a new environment.


Your course investment includes exam enrolment.


The Accelerate to Associate level courses are recommended to IT professionals who would like to specialise in Cloud and AWS.

AWS Overview - 1/2 Day



The Introduction to AWS course introduces you to the fundamentals of AWS products, services and solutions. After completing the course you’ll have a solid understanding of the AWS landscape that’ll prove useful for general IT roles, or provide a foundation to build your AWS skills further.


Who should enrol?


You might be a graduate wanting to fast-track your career, or an entry-level or junior professional breaking into IT. Or maybe you have existing knowledge of IT but you’re starting your AWS journey from scratch. Or perhaps you’re a non-IT professional like a project manager or director who wants to build understanding of cloud technology.



  • What is Cloud?
  • Why is everyone talking about Cloud?
  • On-premises vs. Cloud
  • Cloud service basics
  • Technologies behind Cloud
  • Cloud service types and deployment models
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud
  • Price models of Cloud services
  • Cloud service providers
  • Hands-on labs on AWS

AWS Essentials - 2 Days



The AWS Essentials course teaches you the fundamentals of cloud computing, storage and networking on AWS. Comprehensive hands-on lab exercises walk you through key AWS cloud services. After completing the course you’ll understand AWS management tools and services, and talk confidently about AWS using the correct terminology and concepts. In particular, you’ll know about EC2, AWS various Storage options, and VPC as well as Database options. You’ll also know how to secure your AWS service using IAM.


Who should enrol?


This is the perfect next step if you’ve completed the Introduction to AWS course and want to continue your AWS journey. Or you might start here if you have a good understanding of AWS but haven’t had practical AWS experience and want to boost your skills before certification.



  • Introduction and History of AWS
  • AWS Infrastructure: Compute, Storage, and Networking
  • AWS Security, Identity, and Access Management
  • AWS Databases
  • AWS Elasticity and Management Tools

AWS Architect Associate - 4 Days



In this course you’ll learn how to build secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform. You’ll learn the wide variety of AWS services, and understand how these services integrate within AWS. After completing the course, you’ll be able to design and deploy a wide range of IT infrastructure in AWS both confidently and correctly, including hybrid systems.


Before attending this course, you’ll already know how to build and use cloud services in AWS and have experience designing distributed applications. This course teaches you to make your cloud services more reliable, resilient, scalable and secure.


Who should enrol?


You’re confident operating in the AWS landscape, and have extensive solution design and architecture skills in at least one programming language. You’re likely a Solution Architect, Solution Design Engineer or IT Infrastructure Engineer currently. This course is also perfect if you have extensive knowledge and practical experience in other cloud service providers but little or no experience in AWS.



  • Core AWS Knowledge
  • Core AWS Services
  • Designing Your Environment
  • Making Your Environment Highly Available
  • Forklifting an Existing Application onto AWS
  • Event-Driven Scaling
  • Automating
  • Decoupling
  • Build a new environment
  • The Well-Architected Framework
  • Troubleshooting Your Environment
  • Large-Scale Design Patterns and Case Studies